The founders of ORGANIC KERALA CHARITABLE TRUST comprised the representatives of a group of concerned citizens who have been active in the social, educational, health and other public spheres of activities in Kerala at different points time over several decades.

1. A. Jayakrishnan represents the traditional Ayruvedic healthcare system, bringing with him the over 75 years of     his family tradition in the field

2. T. V. Vidyarajan is a mechanical engineer by training but a keen promoter and researcher on developing     alternative and eco-friendly materials to replace conventional plastic-based packaging materials, disposable     plates and cups etc

3. C. B. Anilkumar has been a seeker of alternative style of living for over a decade-and-a-half and has been     engaged in organic farming and marketing using traditional vending systems

4. M. M. Abbas brings with him a vast array of experiences in people’s health and social movements, including     the founding and managing of the daily operations of the Thrikkakara Cooperative Hospital. He took the     initiative in turning the hospital into a people’s health venture. He continues to be a promoter of biodiversity     conservation and organic farming methods

5. K. P. Sreekrishnan is a documentary film-maker and director focusing on social issues

6. V. B. Rajeev is specialised in simple methods of domestic waste management and popularises these methods

THE ORGANIC KERALA CHARITABLE TRUST has completed more than a decade of its activities. During the course of these years, more and more people, concerned about the causes and ideals expounded by the Trust were attracted to it. Of them, special mention may be made of The Rajagiri School of Social Sciences (Outreach), Kalamassery and The Sacred Heart College, Thevara, which joined hands with the ORGANIC KERALA CHARITABLE TRUST.

Dr. J. Prashant, CMI, Principal of SH College, Thevara, is now the Chairman of the Trust. The other members of the Board of Trustees are: A. Jayakrishnan and P. Sharafudeen, Vice-Chairmen; M. M. Abbas, General Secretary; M. P. Antony and Francis Perumana, Secretaries and Prof. P. J. Joseph, Treasurer.