• Conservation of bio-diversity, eco system and soil fertility for the sustenance of Mother Nature and the Living     World.
  • Popularising organic farming methods among the general public as a lifestyle.
  • Popularising family farming to ensure safe food to all.
  • Conservation, propagation and popularisation of indigenous and traditional farming methods and
        conservation of indigenous seed varieties.
  • Promote organic and eco-friendly farming
  • Promote usage of organic products
  • Render technical service, consultancy, training, research and development and all other activities for the
        promotion of organic farming in the interest of the members of the Trust and the general public
  • Promote production and use of organic manure and encourage natural pest management system
  • Conserve and promote seeds and seedlings suitable for organic farming
  • Promote watershed management
  • Promote combined activities in the organic farming and health sectors
  • Create awareness against the health hazards of use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • Conduct exhibitions, seminars, workshops etc. to promote organic farming, farm products, eco friendly products    and healthy lifestyle
  • Promote organic shops and outlets in different parts of the country