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Organic Kerala Charitable Trust

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Agriculture in Kerala

Agriculture remains one of the most important sectors of Kerala Ecomomy. The forces driving the global growth in agriculture and associated risks pose significant challenges to kerala agriculture. Commodity markets witnessed turbulent times.

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Benefits of organic farming

Makes agriculture more rewarding, sustainable and respectable, Sustains soil fertility by preventing the loss of soil and leaching of minerals and protects and enriches biodiversity - micro organisms,plants and animals.

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Strength of organic farming

Consumers attribute positive qualities to organic foods like health, taste and authenticity. Free from pesticides, the organically-grown produces are looked upon as whole, healthy, locally sourced and highly diversified and free from nitrate content.

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Organic agriculture is meant to produce high quality, nutritious food that can contribute to preventive health care and well being since health is the wholeness and integrity of the living system.
Let us start organic farming as a part of our lifestyle.